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Agricultural Commodities sourced directly from growers and delivered to the world.


GCE Agri is a subsidiary of GCEGlobal Group. We are a global consultancy and brokerage firm that sources and markets diverse agricultural commodities and with a focus on Asian markets. Through our global network, we can handle and source everything from corn to soybeans to canola.

GCE Agri is one of the essential actors on the long process of getting commodities from the producer to the consumer. We specialize in the brokerage of the physical deliveries of grains, pulses and feed ingredients and we act as an independent market agent servicing both sides of the trade (Buyers and Producers). We are experts in sourcing agricultural products and in negotiating the trade for our clients at the best possible price and with the best supply solution. Our Company is also successful in opening up new markets for trading agricultural commodities in Southeast Asia and emerging markets (India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc.).

Our trading and marketing experience combined with our significant network across the globe enable us to provide added value to the food companies, trading firms and suppliers and in order to obtain a positive outcome for all parties involved.

We generate value by facilitating trade transactions and by intermediating needs of buyers and sellers on a global scale.

Over the years, we have developed privileged contacts throughout the industry with the most reputable grain suppliers and in various producing countries, including USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Germany, Poland, etc.

As a global supplier and marketer of agricultural commodities, non-GMO grains and organic grains, we connect producers and buyers through our origination services and our distribution network. GCE Agri has a team with a long history of trading, storing and purchasing grains, pulses, oil seeds, feed ingredients and specialty crops. We are covering both bulk and container markets.

One of our greatest strengths is our focus on customer satisfaction and our established network of partners and suppliers in North America and in top emerging export markets. We also offer private funding solutions for land purchase, agricultural projects and storage assets in different countries. Client’s satisfaction is and will always be our number one priority.

We help make trade happen!

Your best source to buy agricultural commodities.

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