Trading, Sourcing & Marketing of Agricultural Commodities

Agri Commodities

Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Canola, Barley, Rye, Pulses , Lentils, Non-GMO & Organic grains, etc.

We connect buyers and suppliers of grains, pulses and feed ingredients worldwide.

GCE Agri is a trading, sourcing and marketing firm for diverse agricultural commodities and non-GMO grains worldwide. We connect growers and buyers through our origination services and distribution network. We also provide financing solutions for land purchase, storage assets and for promising agricultural projects in emerging markets.

Our Company is involved in the international trade of agricultural commodities such as soybeans, non-GMO grains, barley, wheat, corn, oilseeds, peas and other products since 2011. We are connecting growers & suppliers to buyers & food companies around the world through our privileged network of partners and suppliers in America and Europe. We help customers to find quality products at a competitive price and to bring the most efficient logistical and transportation solutions tailored to their needs.

Our Company also excels in strategic sourcing, business development and business creation. We identify promising products and opportunities, we develop new markets and we organize appropriate supply structures, collaborations and partnerships for long term business operations.

As a global supplier and marketer of agricultural products (feed grade & food grade), GCE Agri works with buyers and trading firms to supply agri commodities and specialty crops at competitive prices.

We generate value by facilitating trade transactions on a global scale and by providing quality products at competitive prices.

We are sourcing grains and products especially from Canada, U.S., and from lower cost regions such as South America, South Africa and India and we supply through our partners to markets such as China, HK, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Europe and the Middle East.

The satisfaction of the customers is our top priority and one of our greatest strengths is our ability to source quality products at lowest price through our excellent business partners, suppliers and collaborators based in different countries. Our team have many years of experience in the procurement and marketing of agricultural commodities. We can supply food grade products and feed ingredients. We also have a small team in Canada dedicated to the ethanol and biodiesel business and marketing activities.

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